This Historic England digitalization project is designed to digitalize England Historic locations and run all the visitor through the digital version of the great St. Columba’s which is located at Cornhill Road, Southwick (Sunderland).

This project will initiate an online educational web portal to highlight the significant murals and stained-glass windows created by English Artist James Eadie-Reid. The current Covid-19 situation requires that we develop strategies, resources and skills to keep this heritage in the public view, rescue it as heritage at risk, promote its significance as a national asset and describe its significance to a range of age groups locally and internationally.

This project aims to provide information, interpretation and offer an online promotion of this national heritage asset to increase awareness, broaden audience engagement and participation, as well as create an ongoing dialogue through strategic content creation.

The project will provide a basic framework that will enable us in the future to establish long term partnerships with graphic designers to aid the creation of online community magazine with scope for future digitisation and creating online products for new audiences.

The digitisation project has been supported by Historic England and we thank and appreciate them for awarding the grant to showcase this significant work in appealing and creative ways. We look forward to feedback and future engagement by our online visitors.

Dr Peter Adegbie, PhD Newcastle
Project Lead
MICC Chapel of Light

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